This product was received quick (thanks to Amazon Prime). The product was well-packaged for shipping. It comes in a really nice box with styrofoam packing inside. The product box was shipped inside an Amazon box with additional packing material to provide plenty of padding. The “Forever in My Heart Paw Memorial Picture Stone” (aka Pet Memorial Stones Pet Memorial Picture Frame per the title on Amazon) arrived in perfect condition.

The picture frame stone is very sturdy and feels like it will hold well in the weather / outside. They provide an acrylic to go on top of the picture and protect it from the elements. The picture and acrylic are a tight fit to prevent moisture. They also recommend laminating your picture to further protect it. There is also clay that can be molded into the picture slot on the stone to protect the opening from the elements. There is a one page assembly instruction sheet included. The stone also comes with a “Forever in My Heart” matching key chain, which is a nice touch.

The designs on the stone (hearts and paw prints) only come in red. My wife would have liked some other color options (hint to manufacturer). Also, the product page shows the stone standing on a shelf; the stone won’t stand by itself (when standing, it is not flat enough on the bottom and the top would be top heavy as it is wider than the bottom).

All in all, this is a good product for a memorial to honor a faithful pet.

Frank A. Vasko

This is a wonderful memorial for my lost furry child. He was my service dog and this it s a great way to honor him.

Kathy Scott

What a great memorial stone for my garden! It could very well be displayed next to an urn on a bookshelf. I’m so happy with the size, weight and detail in this piece. It includes a clay to seal the frame and a very sweet key chain as well. My kids took it very hard over the recent loss so we made a little memorial garden and this will fit in perfectly! Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift to anyone who has recently lost their pet.

Amber L. Farhat

The stone was larger than I thought, which was very nice. The quality is fantastic. I bought as a gift for my husband, as his favorite dog passed, and he just loved it. Would definitely recommend and purchase again.

Victoria M.